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Children's Home Society of Idaho

targeted care coordination

Targeted Care Coordination (TCC) is where a family works with a coordinator to develop a person-centered plan that lays out a shared vision of the child’s future

how it works

  • TCC is an Optum-Medicaid program.
  • Any child on Medicaid automatically qualifies for it.
  • Children that are not on Medicaid can apply via an independent assessment at Liberty Healthcare.
  • Access this way allows families with much higher incomes to qualify for Medicaid benefits for their children.


  • A coordinator that serves as a personalized advocate.
  • Group facilitator and resource finder for the entire family.
  • No restrictions on the number of sessions or check-ins.
  • Spontaneous and informal
    meetings allows families to
    prioritize what they feel
    is important.
  • Available face to face or
    for virtual.


  • Exceptional for children
    transitioning out of a higher level of care, such as hospitalization, partial hospitalization,
    residential and others.
  • Helpful for higher risk children that may be transitioning into a higher level of care in the future.
  • Families with children that have a history or are currently having troubles in the home, community or school settings are
    encouraged to apply.


As one of a just a handful of board certified case managers, Josh aims to connect youth and families to a single provider that coordinates their array of behavioral health services. As a TCC, he works closely with youth, families and their service providers to develop a shared vision for treatment and recovery. “TCC holds the glue that connects the web of healthcare services together. I believe it to be the jack of all trades and is the go-to problem solver when families are affected by community and systems level issues rather than psychological ones.”

If we have answered all your questions and you are ready to start  the qualification process, then take the next step and fill out the application form.