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Children's Home Society of Idaho

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The Touchstone program is operated by Children’s Home Society of Idaho’s Warm Springs Counseling Center.  Touchstone was established to support the special needs of grieving and adolescents, ages 5- 18. The meeting occur once or twice a month in Boise and Meridian. No costs, no waiting list and you don’t need to be a client of WSCC.

Targeted Care Coordination (TCC)

Targeted Care Coordination (TCC) is where a family works with a coordinator to develop a person-centered plan that lays out a shared vision of the child’s future. TCC is an Optum-Medicaid program and available face to face or virtual.


This group for girls ages 13-16. This group designed to help girls maintain a true connection with peers and women in the community, strengthen self-esteem, abandon self-doubt, and give opportunities for genuine self-expression through verbal sharing and creative activity. The group is a 8-week program, consisting of 6 to 10 girls of similar age for 2 hours once a week.



Through counseling and therapy our goal is to help our clients develop coping skills, attitudes and positive experiences necessary to succeed in educational settings and lead happy, healthy, and productive lives.​

Warm Springs Training Institute

Warm Springs Training Institute (WSTI) helps ensure continuing education to therapists by offering a series of professional development seminars. A unique emphasis of this continuing education program is its collaboration with Idaho universities, school districts, state agencies, family physicians, pediatricians, and other non-profit organizations that serve children and families.

psychological evaluations

Evaluations are conducted by psychologists and are tailored to the specific needs of the child/adolescent that may include measures of intellectual functioning (IQ), academic achievement, behavioral and emotional functioning and personality.