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Children's Home Society of Idaho

Warm Springs Counseling Center’s (WSCC) internships provide invaluable training for interns who are looking for a dynamic and diverse working environment.  Our interns are working on the front lines with children, youth, and their families. Interns will be working with an established organization of caring professionals providing specialized mental, emotional, and behavioral health care services and programs to children and family members.  Through our dedicated team and innovative programs, we are impacting the future of Idaho and the community we serve.

In addition, WSCC offers the following to our interns:

  • The opportunity to provide essential behavioral health, advocacy and case management services to under-served children and families in Ada County.
  • Comprehensive orientation/training regarding the agency’s therapeutic orientations, policies and procedures.
  • Weekly supervision with a licensed, Idaho State-approved Clinical Supervisor.
  • Bi-monthly peer consult group where interns give and receive feedback regarding therapeutic interventions and strategies.
  • Ongoing in-service trainings, at Warm Springs Training Institute.
  • Membership in a cohort of interns who can offer camaraderie and support.
  • Access to full-time therapists who are happy to share their vast knowledge and experience with our interns.
  • An environment where co-collaborative learning is valued.
  • A chance to participate and/or develop treatment groups with WSCC.

WSCC seeks out interns who are passionate about working in a community-based behavioral health setting and who are equipped to jump into the front lines with our participants and our families. We are looking for interns who are:

  • Wanting to work with Children, Adolescents and their Families
  • Aware of ethical issues generally related to counseling youth and families
  • Willing to navigate complex systems
  • Eager to be challenged; strong under pressure
  • Learners looking for feedback; always looking to grow
  • Creative
  • Flexible
  • Initiative-takers
  • Organized

Currently our WSCC Internship Program is full. For more information, please contact Christopher Heindel, Interim Internship Program Coordinatorcreate new email and Clinical Director.