Children's Home Society of Idaho

running for children and mental health

By being on the Board, Sam McCaskill saw a unique opportunity to be creative with a fundraising effort to benefit the Children’s Home Society. With the lack of sports currently happening, and the detriment that the community and the world has seen from COVID-19, Sam will be taking on the 48 mile challenge where he will be running 48 miles in 48 hours. The event will take place on the night of August 21st and run through the night of August 23rd. Every 4 hours he will be running 4+ miles to reach his target goal of 48 miles throughout the weekend.

We will be accepting donations either by miles ran, or flat donations that will directly impact the Children’s Home Society of Idaho  and our mission to provide exceptional mental health care services to the children we serve by caring for them with understanding and compassion.  The Children’s Home Society of Idaho is dedicated to breaking the stigma on mental health and making sure all children receive the proper care they deserve.

RUN Details

RUN STARTS: August 21st at 6 p.m. 

RUN ENDS: August 23rd at 6 p.m.


MISSION: To raise money for the Children’s Home Society’s Community Support Program, a program that allows CHS to provide mental health care services for children, regardless of their families ability to pay.

how can you fund the run?

You can make a donation by mile or a one-time flat donation.

 $1 per mile, $5 per mile, $10 per mile or whatever you would like to give! Every penny will help grow our Community Support Program.  

ABOUT Sam MCCaskill

Sam McCaskill is an active board member for the Children’s Home Society. His love for the community originated in 2012 when he came to Boise for the first time to attend Boise State University and play football. Sam is a natural competitor and is passionate about all activities he participates in. 

Upon finishing his football career with the Minnesota Vikings, Sam made Boise home once again in 2017 and started his current professional career as a Commercial Real Estate Agent with TOK Commercial. He participates heavily in the community and takes full advantage of all the great recreation Idaho has to offer.

For more information or how you can get involved, contact Evelyn Mason at: (208) 343-7813 ext. 1231 |

Stay tuned for more details on following Sam’s run and information on a  meet and greet at the finish line! 

thank you to our SUPPORTERS!