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Imagine an 8 year old girl trying to process why her dad committed suicide. Imagine a 5 year old boy trying to process that his mom has died, his dad is in prison and he is now in foster care. Imagine being bullied so badly at school that you try to commit suicide. Imagine not being able to get help. Thankfully for these children they did get help, our counselors were able to provide them with the tools they so desperately needed to process their trauma and ultimately thrive and succeed. Our Warm Springs Counseling Center provides mental, emotional and behavioral healthcare to approximately 100 children every day, regardless of ability to pay.

Approximately 63% of our clients currently receive Medicaid. Today, the need for mental health care for children is greater than ever.  The statistics are alarming and the research is just as concerning:
  • 105 Idaho school children died by suicide in the past 4 years.
  • More children and young people in the U.S. die from suicide than those who die from cancer.
  • 70% of Idaho juveniles in custody have a mental health diagnosis.
  • One in five children have a diagnosable mental health disorder during childhood, and
  • Nearly 50% of students, aged 14 and older with these conditions drop out of high school

Your support is vital in helping us to continue providing mental health care to those most at risk, and we would be so grateful if you would consider making a tax deductible contribution to our Community Support Program.

Please contact Myfanwy DeVoe , Development Manager, at or 208-343-7813 ext. 1231. for more information about: Individual, Corporate, or Planned Giving, and learn how your support can make mental healthcare accessible to those children most at risk in our community.

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