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Children's Home Society of Idaho

Welcome to the warm springs counseling center

Services we offer


Our caring, professional staff offers first-rate emotional, behavioral, and mental health care, and uses a variety of progressive, therapeutic approaches to recovery. Early identification and the right interventions help children and teens develop emotionally, socially and educationally.


The Children’s Home Society Operates the Warm Springs Counseling Center.

We provide mental, emotional, and behavioral health care services to children and family members. Through counseling and therapy our goal is to help our clients develop coping skills, attitudes and positive experiences necessary to succeed in educational settings and lead happy, healthy, and productive lives. As one of the most experienced outpatient providers of behavioral health services, Warm Springs Counseling Center (WSCC) serves thousands of children and families every year. A Sliding Fee Discount Program is always available for those who qualify


In family therapy, families can work on their problems with the guidance of a mental health professional in a safe and controlled environment.


Warm Springs Counseling Center offers programs for children, teens and parents.

Interpreting Services

Sign Language, Spanish, and Arabic available at our Warm Springs Counseling Centers in Boise and Meridian. 

Psychological and Psychoeducational Evaluations

opens in a new windowEvaluations are conducted by psychologists and are tailored to the specific needs of the child/adolescent that may include measures of intellectual functions (IQ), academic achievement, behavioral and emotional functioning and personality. 

Foster care counseling services

A full spectrum of behavioral health services are provided to children in foster care. WSCC specialist work diligently to accommodate the unique needs of foster care children



Or follow the steps below if you are interested in coordinating services with the Warm Springs Counseling Center.

  • First, please call our client services line at (208) 343-7797 ext. 1238 where you’ll be asked a series of questions regarding you and/or your child by our New Client Services Coordinator.
  • An intake appointment will be scheduled with a clinician who matches with your needs. Intake appointments are typically one hour.
  • Paperwork will be sent to you (via our patient portal or email).  Client will receive an invite via email to set up a client portal, to keep track of all appointments, paperwork and client information
    *NOTE: this paperwork must be completed prior to your scheduled appointment.
  • Please arrive on time to your scheduled appointment. Arriving late or without completed paperwork may cause the appointment to be rescheduled.
  • During your intake appointment, the clinician will review your completed paperwork; clarify the history and the current issues you are facing. This is also the perfect time to ask any questions you may have regarding counseling, or services received.
  • At the conclusion of your intake appointment, please confirm the need for future appointments with the provider and schedule with the receptionist.
  • If you need to cancel your appointment, please call (208) 343-7797, and give us 24-hour notice.
  • We accept most insurance plans and Optum Idaho (Medicaid).


most frequent questions and answers

Most insurance companies do not require a doctor’s referral. However, clients with Optum Idaho (Medicaid) insurance must provide a healthy connections referral prior to their first appointment.

WSCC accepts most insurance plans and Optum Idaho (Medicaid).

List of carries

Subsidy programs are available to those who qualify.

See our Sliding Fee Discount Program 


Many insurance plans require pre-authorization for mental health services. Clients are responsible to obtain pre-authorizations directly from their insurance companies.

To schedule a new patient appointment in Boise or Meridian please call the new client services line (208) 343-7797 ext 1238. Please leave a message with your contact information. All calls are returned within one business day.



Phone: (208) 343-7797opens phone dialer
Fax: (208) 343-0064



740 Warm Springs Avenue
Boise, Idaho 83712



1833 S. Millennium Way
Meridian, Idaho 83642