Adoption Records

Adopted, Not-Adopted Records Available

Children’s Home Society of Idaho began in 1908 as Children’s Home Finding and Aid Society, and was an orphanage for the next 60 years. In 1966 the state legislature passed the foster care system into law making orphanages obsolete – the last adoption from the home was in 1968. During those 60 years as an orphanage, over 4900 children that came through the doors were not adopted, and over 2500 children were adopted. Those original records remain with Children’s Home Society of Idaho and were digitized in 2011 for safe keeping and easier dissemination. These records are available to the individual whose name is on the record and immediate family members.

To request an Adopted or Not-Adopted record, email with information on the individual(s). If a record is found you will receive a record request form to complete and return with a $65 service fee. The record will be emailed to you as an attachment.