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Children's Home Society of Idaho

Intermountain Gas Company Fuels our Fundraising Fire!

This week, we’ve been asking people to pledge their support for the 90 kids and family members we treat each day. The response has been encouraging and we’re reminded, once again, that the Boise valley is a caring and thoughtful community. Our biggest pledge so far is from Intermountain Gas Company. Not only does Intermountain Gas give us monetary support, it gives us the time and talent of its HR director, Linda Murray. Linda joined our board in January and we are grateful for her dedication.

Others who have pledged their support this week are Bob Ball, Robert Fulwyler, Mary Lou Harris, and Casey Winter. Thank you!

If you’d like to help, simply click here for an online pledge form or call me, Joanne Taylor, at 343-7813, ext. 1510.

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