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Children's Home Society of Idaho

Treasure Valley community gives generously to local nonprofit that provides mental, emotional and behavioral health services to children

BOISE, Idaho –
Once again, the local community has answered a call for help. Nearly 350 people gathered at Children’s Home Society of Idaho’s annual fundraising event in Boise last Saturday to help support a program that helps ensure that all children in Treasure Valley have access to mental, emotional and behavioral health services.

Net proceeds from the “Culinary World Tour” are expected to top $80,000 and will go directly to the Children’s Home Society’s Community Sponsorship Program. The program provides subsidies to low-income children and families for a variety of services offered at Children’s Home Society’s Warm Springs Counseling Center. Funds raised will cover the costs for approximately 1,600 of the estimated 21,000 subsidies needed this year.

About Children’s Home Society of Idaho

The mission of the Children’s Home Society is to continue a century-old legacy of improving the lives of children in the community. Today, the organization accomplishes this mission by operating the Warm Springs Counseling Center which provides superior emotional and behavioral health services to at-risk children and the families that care for them.


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